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RFS Real Flight Simulator APK 2.0 3: A Must-Have App for Aviation Enthusiasts

Before you get on the planes, gamers can pick up many useful notifications from the Air Traffic Control to prepare for your next flights. These include the satellite terrains and heightmaps, which would provide all the important information and data that you need about your upcoming flight. Make plans with the ATC so that they may set up the right departure and arrival hours, along with the proper routes for you.

rfs real flight simulator apk 2.0 3


On top of that, during your flight, you can always keep contact with the ATC through the interactive voiced ATC procedures and communications. Check and have all the important frequencies properly updated by the guys in ATC. Check your ATIS, GROUND TOWER, APROACH, and more.

And despite all those amazing features, the game still offers free gameplay for Android gamers to enjoy their flight simulation experiences at a certain level. Hence, you can easily gain access to the awesome game from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Featuring Virtual Flight Instructor lessons, a helicopter, and many of the most popular trainer airplanes, RealFlight Trainer Edition is the perfect tool new RC pilots can use to learn to fly in less time and with fewer crashes of their real models!

Este juego combina funcionalidades de alta tecnología con una interfaz accesible, haciendo de RFS Pro APK una opción excelente para cualquier entusiasta de la aviación que desee una experiencia de vuelo realista y a la vez personalizable.

Becoming an actual pilot is always an exciting experience for anyone. But not everyone who nurtures the dream of flying in the sky can embark on this path and fly a real plane. But in this era of advanced simulation technology, ROSTOS seems to have given us a perfect answer to the question of whether we can conquer the sky ourselves. Real Flight Simulator Mod APK, a game developed by ROSTOS, has created a breakthrough in the aircraft simulation game series. Players can now experience the feeling of piloting their flying device, exploring scenes they have never seen before, with the view from the sky, without having to overcome thousands of hours of harsh training like real pilots. Those are great experiences that this game has brought us.

The most advantageous point of this game, as mentioned above, is the authenticity of the player's experience. With the help of satellite maps taken from reality with high accuracy, players can see cities all around the world at their feet when experiencing this game. Players can go anywhere, from Europe, Asia, or even the most remote areas on Earth by simulation in details from the development team. Not only is it about controlling the plane, but this game is also a place for players to have a creative travel experience that they cannot have without being real pilots or geographical explorers.

The first thing that players must learn in Real Flight Simulator is the control system of the aircraft. The cockpit and dashboard of an ordinary civilian aircraft are simulated right on your screen. Only if players can smoothly use the functions available on the control panel, the flight can operate stably. Even a basic take-off process can be complicated for newbies. First, you have to move the plane to the runway, then park it in the correct position to prepare for take-off operations. Press the SYS key to start the basic systems as well as the indicator lights. Then increase the speed to get the plane's momentum with the A/P function. Using the RUB function parallel to the A/P can make the plane move straight. The final step is to select the numerical levels on the Flaps function for the aircraft to take off.

Once a successful take-off, players would have to check many different parameters to ensure the flight is operating most safely. Radar and map will help you to check the schedule and current position of the aircraft. The RUB function would ensure the airplane moved in the correct direction as intended. Furthermore, the wind direction, current speed, and other related parameters also need to be controlled to ensure flight safety.

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The last part of the job is to control the landing. To land safely in Real Flight Simulator, players would have to know the landing position displayed on the radar screen. The next step is to reduce the altitude and speed of the aircraft. When approaching the runway, players have to use their ingenuity to control the plane to be able to both head straight down the runway and ensure no shaking, which would make the passengers on the flight comfortable. And that is when the job of the pilot is done.

For only $0.99, you can own the Real Flight Simulator game from the Google Play store. The things listed above are even in the basic package only! With the upgrade to PRO membership, players will even be able to try out more advanced modes, such as participating in real-time flight, flying with other players, or even experiencing severe weather conditions such as rain or lightning, which can occur during flights, with the help of the design team.

Real Flight Simulator v.2.0.0 - 2022-12-12- 5 new HD airportsWIII, KLAS, EBLG, LTFM, SBGR will be the first 5 new airports in a very long series. Enjoy the new routes by exploring the hidden place of the RFS world- 35 completely reworked HD airportsThe new HD airports are here and are authentic in every detail, true to reality. Follow the taxiways that will lead you precisely to the runway. Wait at the waypoint for clearance to proceed. Enjoy the signs that will lead you to the new hangars, fingers and enjoy an increasingly busy and amazing airport.- New global illumination systemEnjoy the fantastic new lighting that will give RFS an even more magical and authentic feel. Enjoy the starry night or a fantastic sunset as you soar the skies in the company of your friends- New pop-up system for in-game newsNever miss any updates or news from the RFS world. Keep up to date by reading the latest happenings without ever leaving the app!- Bug fixes

Real Flight Simulator v.1.7.0 - 2022-10-25- New PALLET LOADER Ground VehicleBehold the details of the new vehicle for loading and unloading cargo from large freighter planes.- New map settingsA new menu for the game map where you will be able to enable and disable numerous options that will allow you to have a clearer and simpler map or detailed at every point- Improved interior sound effectsEnjoy the new, even more realistic sounds inside the cockpit- New camera options: FREE (one hand) + DRONE (virtual joysticks)The old free camera was restored in addition to the new drone camera for even more breathtaking footage- New option to modify waypoints altitude and speed in FMCNow it is even easier to create your flight plan. Editable directly during flight and fully customizable

Real Flight Simulator v.1.6.7 - 2022-09-19- New suspension systemSuspension now animated, contracting under the weight of the aircraft to make the game's physics more real and immersive- New heat wave effect on enginesNew heat effect coming out of our powerful aircraft engines adds a unique touch to the ambience- New PUSHBACK truck animationA new animation for the pushback truck for unique realism in an increasingly busy airport- Reworked FREE CAMERAShoot new cinematic footage with this special camera completely revised in its functionality to make you a real filmmaker. Also use automatic CIRCLE or HELIX path for unique takes.- New wing tip cameraA new wingtip camera to enjoy the spectacular view of the world from a new perspective- New automatic cameraFocus on flying and let the camera capture spectacular shots, enjoy the new automatic camera that will create breathtaking sequences for you- Updated wing camera with zoom and rotationEnjoy the changes made to the camera on the wings. Now you can look around or zoom in and find new spots

Real Flight Simulator v.1.6.3 - 2022-08-02- New flight plan management/import systemAn improved flight plan in every detail. Recreate real flight routes, create your own waypoints and follow the procedures at each airport. Then exchange them with your wingmates- New TRIM option availableEnjoy the new trim function of your aircraft for a smooth flight- New FTCL monitorsAdmire the new FCTL monitors and adjust trim settings on the aircraft's moving surfaces. Enjoy every detail specific to Boeing, Airbus and three engines aircraft!- New reflection for NAV and BEACON lightsMore realism in an increasingly dynamic and immersive environment. Watch the lights reflect in the ground and on the plane and enjoy them- New wingflex technology effect on: BAE SYSTEMS 146-300, BOEING 737-800, BOEING 737-800BCFEnjoy the wingflex technology on new aircraft. Even more realism for a unique effect. More aircraft coming soon!

Real Flight Simulator v.1.6.1 - 2022-06-29- New monitors for General AviationPlay with the new monitors designed solely for General Aviation for even more unique realism- New Joystick supportFly in absolute comfort thanks to the new joystick function, plug it in and have fun- New option for satellite terrain on navigation mapSelect and enjoy the new satellite map with which you can enjoy the terrain orography- New virtual airline viewing functionFlying in company of your friends has never been easier. Observe in game and on the map where your airline mates are, see their flight plan and join them!- New wingflex technology effect on: EMBRAER 190, MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-11, MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD11FEnjoy the wingflex technology on new aircraft. Even more realism for a unique effect. More aircraft coming soon!

Real Flight Simulator v.1.5.9 - 2022-05-24- New SPOTTER MODEEnjoy the spectacle of flights and airport traffic. Watch landings, follow departures, enjoy arrivals at the gates, watch other players and much more!- New favorite cameras listCustomise your list with your favourite cameras. Stop scrolling through each view until you find the perfect shot. Now you can have your own unique and customised list to make the best films and shots!- New GPWS alarms: SINK RATE, GLIDESLOPE, BANK ANGLE and moreEven more realism with a cockpit that becomes even more immersive with the addition of the new alarms that will give you an even more realistic experience!- New contrails effectEnjoy the effect of the new high-altitude condensation trails that make the atmosphere even more exciting- Added ATIS on multiplayer ATCThe Automatic Terminal Information Service is now also available in the multiplayer servers. Prepare your departure in detail by recording all the necessary information for your flight!- Added wing view from the cockpit of the CESSNA 172A fantastic new view from the cockpit of the CESSNA 172 from which you can admire your wings during your flight- New wingflex technology effect on: BOEING 777-200, BOEING 777-300ER, BOEING 777F, CESSNA 172Enjoy the wingflex technology on new aircraft. Even more realism for a unique effect. More aircraft coming soon!


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