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HIDE PROP: Seek Online Hunt - A Fun and Thrilling Prop Hunt Game APK

Being a multiplayer game, you can play Hide Online with friends and strangers from different parts of the world. The goal is very simple, and that is to hide around the map as a hidden object, also known as a prop. Alternatively, you can choose to hunt props as the hunter in Hide Online. Your role will be revealed once the game starts. The hide and seek element of the game makes it a very unique one in its genre.

As the game starts, you will form a team of either props or hunters. As a prop, you must do your best not to be seen. Hiding can be a bit nerve-wracking as you have to move slowly or go in stealth mode until the hunting period ends.As the hunter, your main goal in Hide Online is to shoot all props in the area until you advance to the next round. Each round lasts for only 3 minutes. If you play as a prop, you can use your magic skills to turn hunters into animals so you can sneak and run away from them before blending in another area.

hide prop seek online hunt apk


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