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How to Achieve a Massive Guitar Sound with Torpedo Wall of Sound III

i wanted to correct one thing. i think you had mistakenly mentioned the bit of a distortion, and described the bmp as a low gain distortion. the bmp does include a bit of distortion in its massive amount of overdrive. the overdrive works in a very similar way to the gain of a tube amp. if you hit the input hard enough to create distortion, then the input level is no longer the same as the tone control. the tone control is slightly attenuated, and the input level is more of a distortion. the result is a very distinctive fatter tone from a little overdrive in a huge amount of gain.

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sweet. i have no idea what you mean about your amp speakers. i know, i just double checked on that. my favorite muff overdrive is the ehx big muff with the fuzz face. its pretty subtle to use and i love it. if i don't want that, then the ehx/cw is my clear choice. in re the point of the boiling the p90s. they are good company. but i heard no difference over the cvb2. my tester thought that the cvb2 sounded better. i was surprised. i didn't think it would. but that's my tester. the woods i chose are pretty expensive. (yielding up fp5s and 4 i think) so i'd like to get the best i can get, but i haven't settled on which to buy yet. (yielding up a mim tele, mim strat, booger and a kk). i like the booger the best, i think.

hey bjorn. thanks for all the info. im glad my doctorate is going to be worth something after all! this is only the second time ive commented on your blog, but i read it regularly. your cvb2 is amazing, i can not say enough good things about it. i hear it at every concert i attend (last time was some states ago ). the swith channels are brilliant to learn and use just as a straight bypass. i would like to use my cvb2 through a boss ds-1 and a boss overdrive pedal. is this possible?


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