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The Game Changers REPACK

The series features top former athletes who share powerful tips, tools, and strategies to help you change the game/both on and off the field! Our mission is to help current and former athletes in sports, business, and life

The Game Changers

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We've teamed up with Angel City Football Club, LA's premier women's soccer team to create this limited-edition version of our Swift sneaker. As part of our mission to serve as a champion for all women, it's one more step toward building a community to inspire, support, and empower each other to be the game changer. Learn more here.

At Game Changers, you will experience video game evolution, from memorable Pong to the photorealistic, immersive games of today. Try your hand at operating a supersized Nintendo controller, playing Tetris on a giant Game Boy, and testing your knowledge of retro video game music. You can even step inside a game and become a character yourself!

The team is surprised that Coach O'Brien has moved to town from a successful career in the NFL and having sold his chain of restaurants, has ample time to coach them. His own son Shawn is a great quarterback, too. It comes as no surprise when the coach's son becomes the starting quarterback even though he does not perform consistently. Ben, on the other hand, is nothing if not consistent. Every play, every down, Ben gives it his all. Ben doesn't think that Shawn has the same love of the game that he does.

The two boys are in competition for the entire season. Ben is the harder worker and is motivated to win. Shawn seems to be motivated because he wants his dad's approval and love, not because he wants to win. When the team wins the championship, it's Ben's big day, and Coach gives Ben the game ball. The little guy is really the biggest guy on the team, after all. An uplifting book for any kid who has ever been told that he/she is too short, too little, too light to play a sport.

I was recently introduced to a documentary on Netflix focused on athletic performance, diet, nutrition and recovery titled, The Game Changers. Without question, the film was appropriately titled as it was a game-changer for me. It wasn't necessarily the message, but more a moment that crystallized something for me.

Much of this is due to solar and wind, which have become cheaper and bigger much faster than expected, now undercutting the costs of coal and gas in most markets. They have the potential to change the game for good, if governments allow them to by forcing fossil fuels out of the way.

There is no doubt that Tai Trang played hard in Kaôh Rōng. He was constantly looking for an edge in the game. Tai found an idol and won an extra vote advantage. He had many opportunities to change the game. His most significant game-changing votes came post-swap and post-merge. Deciding to vote our his former Beauty tribe member Anna Khait set Tai and his game on a new path, one where the other players started to view him as a flipper. His most significant vote though was when he refused to give his idol to Scot, and instead flipped to join Aubry in voting him out. Unfortunately, Tai was unable to get an actual grip on the game afterward, wasting his extra vote, and receiving no votes at the Final Tribal Council.

Yet all this is about to change. China's leaders once tried to insulate themselves from greater engagement with the outside world; they now realize that fulfilling their domestic needs demands a more activist global strategy. Rhetorically promoting a "peaceful international environment" in which to grow their economy while free-riding on the tough diplomatic work of others is no longer enough. Ensuring their supply lines for natural resources requires not only a well-organized trade and development agenda but also an expansive military strategy. The Chinese no longer want to be passive recipients of information from the outside world; they want to shape that information for consumption at home and abroad. And as their economic might expands, they want not only to assume a greater stake in international organizations but also to remake the rules of the game.

China's leaders recognize that they are at a crossroads and are struggling to articulate their new course. In an interview with the China News Service, the usually politically deft former ambassador Wu Jianmin tried to reconcile the old rhetoric with the new reality: "By the time the current financial crisis is completely over . . . there is no doubt that China will play a more significant role in the world," he declared. "What we have achieved is just a beginning. Deng Xiaoping's idea of 'keeping a low profile and trying to do something' will continue to be applicable for at least another 100 years." What Wu's somewhat ambiguous message in fact signals is that China is out to change the game.

Being a game changer is all about being energized, passionate, consistently focused, and creating a high impact every single day. Join author, speaker, and President of LearnToLead - Dave Anderson - in this energetic podcast based on his 14th book, Unstoppable, as Dave reveals principles gained throughout his extensive career and conducts interviews with special guests from a variety of industries, all to help you: become more focused, stay energized, remain effective, and live The Game Changer Life! 041b061a72


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